Your Privacy

As with most websites on the internet - especially ones providing services for free - we use some technologies that may make use of your personal information.

We promise to never use services on our websites that we personally wouldn't be happy to enable, but we also recognise that everyone has a different threshold - so we have provided opt-out to disable all the tracking we can here:

We should point out that we're fairly careful about how we use advertising. We try to use suppliers that have a modicum of ethics in the way they behave, and we don't load advertising code on any page that is likely to receive personal details. It's kinda a necessary evil; we'd avoid it if we were millionaires.

Aside from that, our use of cookies is just to manage the above opt outs and to administer the service that you've come to this site to use! Obviously any data that you elect to give us we keep, and we recommend that you don't give us anything sensitive. Even then, we delete all unused data regularly - so it's unlikely that will be lying around for long. Aside from the IP address that gets sent to every website you visit (and a few servers in between), we don't track you in any other way.

If there is any other personal data of yours that you wish us to remove, electronic mails can be sent to retrodude at this domain. Send us one of those, requesting erasure, and we'll get scrubbing.